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3K Ultimate Awaken
App Name 3K Ultimate Awaken
Genre RPG
Size 413.67MB
Latest Version 1.3.102
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Impressive battles happen between characters with incredible abilities and looks that you can easily find in 3K Ultimate Awaken. The game's combat mechanism is straightforward and accessible that any player can find, and you will indeed have to overcome many challenging levels and modes. Depending on the mode, the enemies that appear will be different, and certainly, your strength needs to increase with them. 3K Ultimate Awaken


Players will have a team consisting of six characters, and their positions will gradually be filled with the characters you receive in this game. The battles in 3K Ultimate Awaken are done automatically, and you will try to take down all the enemies that appear in front of you. Specifically, your job is straightforward in each game screen, but it is necessary to observe the match. That is, you will observe the game screen and perform skills correctly. Each character will have a health bar appear above them, and at the top, it is information related to the number of rounds and the accumulated mana of the two sides. In other words, these characters will need a certain amount of energy to perform their unique skills. Also, on the left side of the screen are the icons of the characters, and there will be a circle appearing and moving outside the portrait signaling a character has a condition to use the skill. 3K Ultimate Awaken


Players will spend time completing different levels, and each level will have its difficulty level. In other words, you will choose the right strategy and increase the strength of your character to overcome them and receive exciting rewards. Therefore, players will spend time perfecting the squad and gaining experience in arranging the team in a completely reasonable way. Besides this mode, players also find challenging opponents. Those are automatically controlled opponents, and sometimes you will be able to see what they will do. But over time, they are what help you develop the squad and gradually move into PVP mode. When it comes to PVP mode, players will know that they have to defeat other players in the game, and it is also a fiercer match when all factors can affect the outcome of the match. So you won't be able to take your eyes off the game. 3K Ultimate Awaken


It can be said that the characters can be considered as the core elements to help you overcome challenging levels. Characters all have their unique skills, and you'll find ways to utilize the potential in the battle to create impressive synergies in the game. In addition, your squad always has three characters in the Front position and 3 Back ones. The front will usually take on taking the lead, attacking enemies, and taking damage from the enemies. Back is typically the support or the DPS. 3K Ultimate Awaken Over time, you'll fill these slots with absolutely unique characters whose rarity ranges from R to SSR. If you want an SSR character, then the only way you'll need to do that is to do the character summoning process, and that's for sure the gacha mechanic. You will need to have a specific type of ticket to summon the character, and in 3K Ultimate Awaken, three types of tickets correspond to the three banners: Equip, Hero and Focused.

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