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Alchemy Stars
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Alchemy Stars APK is a turn-based battle card game that combines many attractive elements, released by Tencent Games. The most unique is the mode of moving and combining Elements to create great combos.

Introduce about Alchemy Stars

AnChase the Light in this Thrilling New Adventure!


Alchemy Stars has a pretty good plot. You will be the only person to take the lead and resolve the eternal conflict between the three organizations: Aurorian and Caelestites (the two can be considered allies), and Eclipsites (a mysterious organization with many cruel and abusive ruling views). The Eclipsites had invaded and killed almost all the Caelestites and continued to aim to destroy the Aurorian and take over the fertile Land of Astra.

That genocide wiped out the entire population of the Caelestites. You are the last survivor of that whole kingdom. You fled, exiled, and had to hide deep underground for 17 years. One day, an Aurorian accidentally discovered and took you out of the ground, that’s the first time you saw sunlight again.

From here, you and your Aurorian teammates stand up against the monopolistic forces and cruel plots of the Eclipsites.


With someone who has played through the same genre, the gameplay will be quite easy. As for newbies, it will probably take a few battles to gain a lot of combat experience. In short, your task is to collect hero characters, build an invincible army to fight a series of enemies in the game.

The battles are designed in the form of grid tiles. Each cell has a unique color that helps you determine the possible path of your character and figure out the best way to reach and defeat the enemy. In other words, this is a tile-based strategy and general card game combined with role-playing combat. So many in one, right?

As for the genre of card games and turn-based games, there is no need to say much. But the golden mark for Alchemy Stars is the creative gameplay in an unexpected direction. As I just mentioned, each character will correspond to a different Element. Based on these Elements, you can create your own path for your character, both move more freely and attack monsters in many directions. It is no longer tied to one or a few basic moves like on a traditional chessboard. When moving like that, each tile on the chessboard with colors representing different elements will help you interact with skills, thereby creating deadly combos.

More specifically, the tiles on the chessboard will have one of four colors: red, green, blue, and yellow. When playing, you will drag your hero chess pieces to move through the tiles of the same color. Start from 1 of 8 tiles right next to the hero. The higher the number of tiles you match, the higher the ability to damage the enemy. In case the connected tile crosses the one where the monster is standing, your hero can immediately approach and kill this monster. Just like that, a successful pass is when you destroy all the monsters on the chessboard. Bonus points will be experience points, experience stones, and some attractive equipment and items. All of these are useful things you can use for future battles.

If you are not confident with your strategic abilities or want to relax a little while playing, you can take advantage of the game’s auto system. With clear instructions, you will soon get used to it. Once you’ve played it well, you can turn those instructions off somewhat to make the battle more dramatic, ready to challenge yourself.

Graphics and sound

Alchemy Stars uses all the bold anime-style visuals. The characters are elaborate with a smooth action. The colors of the details and the rich and bright context create a sense of lightness for the player. Combat with cards doesn’t need to be dark or hardcore at all, right?

The voice acting is done by professional voice actors. It’s fun to listen to even if you don’t understand anything. Sound and light effects emitted from weapons and attacks are quite attractive, brightening the whole chessboard. The instructions are also highlighted in bright colors so that the player can catch up with the game faster. The appearance of heroes and enemy monsters is quite well done, even from a top-down view.

So many characters and factions

The game has more than 80 characters and many factions, a bit complicated for those not used to playing this genre. You will have to use a lot of a “specialty” called Elements. Accordingly, each character will be associated with an Element, corresponding to a different color palette. Based on that hero’s Elements, you will combine with the color tiles available on the battlefield to create combat skills with devastating power. One turn can defeat several enemies at the same time.

Each hero character has its shape, ability, and strength, useful in different situations on the battlefield. They all differ in strength stats, star ranks, qualities, and specific skills. During the game, you can choose the stats to improve them by the points accumulated from the victories, thereby awakening the deep fighting ability of each hero.

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With Alchemy Stars, if you haven’t played it, you never know. But once you’ve played it, you won’t find the way back. Both traditional and modern, both new and old. The moves where you combine elements to create combos are guaranteed to make you addicted to this game. 

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Download APK (3559.32MB)
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Jogo muito bonito, história bem interessante, gameplay legal e muitos personagens. Recomendo.