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Dawn Of Isles
App Name Dawn Of Isles
Genre RPG
Size 51.68MB
Latest Version 1.0.22
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An impressive journey that any player can find when they play Dawn of Isles. Players will enter a large open world and can do whatever they like to explore it. During the game, there will always be specific instructions that you can find in the game, and over time, the level of challenge of the game will increase. There will be many ways for you to achieve the power you desire in this game.


Players will enter a wonderful world that any player will love and spend a lot of time exploring it. It can be said that this is an open world where any player can do whatever they like or follow the instructions of the game to progress inside Dawn of Isles. In addition, you can interact with environmental elements to extract some items from them and create many valuable things in some cases. Although the freedom to interact with environmental elements or characters, there are also some factors you need to pay attention to how the interaction fits into it. Specifically, if you want wood, then the only way you need to do it is to have an ax to cut the tree. So, it can be said that, depending on the nature of the element you need to collect, you will need a separate tool for that element. The creation of tools will always be done continuously because of the durability they possess. Each time you interact with an element or perform a quest, you will gain an amount of experience, which helps you level up. When you receive your first instrument, you can see a number close to it. Specifically, it is a number that represents the durability of the tool, and each time you cut a tree, this stat will be reduced by a part until the tool will disappear. So if you want to find another tool, you will use the required materials after collecting to create a new one in the Crafting Bench.


When starting Dawn of Isles, you will undoubtedly be given a choice of characters with different characteristics that you can choose from. There are four main classes that you can find, including Fighter, Ranger, Dancer, and Warmage. Specifically, you will see the type of weapon these characters choose and the associated stats during the selection process. So each character has different strengths, strengths, and weaknesses that you'll need to consider to reach their full potential. You will control the character from a third-person perspective and can freely inside the environment of this game to perform tasks and collect materials to create many necessary things or destroy enemies. There are still different types of monsters in this game that you can find and can freely defeat. After they disappear, there will be materials that can drop. Over time, you can level up by performing different actions in the game.


At the beginning of the game, you will receive a relatively rich number of tasks, from gathering materials to killing monsters. It can be said that the quests are instructions for you to grasp the mechanics of the game and improve the control of the character. At the same time, you also own more impressive character skills as you level up and meet the skill requirements. So don't overlook anything in your favor in Dawn of Isles. As mentioned above, you can fight the enemies inside this game and collect various elements. At the same time, during the game, you also receive new equipment to increase your stats and gradually become stronger. It is a natural thing in RPG games when you face many different enemies, be it monsters or other players, to collect more valuable things after each level. There will be enemies that you can destroy by hand but can't with others. So, to get impressive rewards that only tough bosses have, you will need to cooperate with other characters. For example, they will form a team to enter the Dragon King's Fall dungeon to pass this level. In addition, besides the PVE game screen, you can also participate in the exciting PVP game screen between different players.


In Dawn of Isles, you will not explore the world alone but can accompany other characters in the game. It can be an exciting time for you and your friend to support each other. In addition, the system in the game also allows you to raise some monsters so that they keep your exploration. Each monster has the same stats, levels, and skills as the player, so you'll need to find ways to increase their potential.

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Benys dtensa
78 hr

try try try

Сергей Пашков
36 hr


17 hr

its a good game , mmorpg mix with survival type game

10 hr

It is a very interesting survival game. If you like sandbox style or" Origin Utopia" games, I would recommend this game. Also the game has a cute graphics, many of survival contents, and simple manipulation are quite satisfactory, support english, Chinese, Japanese. However, it is a disadvantage that Rex is taking a lot because it is a test version. If you like survival games, try playing.

Nitro Sorn
61 hr

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