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Day R Premium
App Name Day R Premium
Genre RPG
Size 139.06MB
Latest Version 1.718
MOD Info Unlimited Money/Caps/free craft
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Day R Premium (MOD, Unlimited Caps/Free Caft) is one of the hardest survive games because of the complex gameplay and the fierceness of the environment and its random system.
Do you want to go back in time to the 1980s to discover the apocalypse, the hard days of the people of the Soviet Union? What do you think if you live in an environment destroyed by nuclear bombs caused by war? With thousands of challenges ahead and problems to deal with, can you overcome them and keep moving forward to save loved ones in your family. If you want to get lost in this world to explore, learn, and know-how miserable people's plight was, then install Day R Premium now!! This is a historical and no less dramatic game, attractive of the action game genres. Day R Premium (MOD, Caps/Covers/Free Caft)


When it comes to the world in war, an environment full of dangers and many difficulties, truly faced with immediate death, we don't always know we will die at any moment. At this point, it is not easy to want to survive these problematic and challenging days. You will have to accept and face the hunger. Not only that, but you also have to face dangerous monsters, zombies. You are craving for water and always wish someone could give you some water and always hope it rains for it. Thousands of people suffer from countless diseases, and the wounds left on them are very poor. You must always have a spirit of effort and struggle with thousands of hardships. Day R Premium (MOD, Caps/Covers/Free Caft)


When you come to this game, you are lost in the world of the Soviet Union, a country falling into war and suffering a lot of bombs. You have the right to choose, change the seasons here as you like. In addition to that, you also have the right to view a map of this country. When you come to this land, be careful with everything, especially when hunting animals. Even the smallest species like a mouse can bite you and injure yourself. Day R Premium (MOD, Caps/Covers/Free Caft)


Although the environment and atmosphere here are very harsh and challenging, besides that, you always have friends, comrades who are always with you, and they are the ones who bring fun as well as laughter while fighting. In other words, it is hard to work together in a brutal war. Also, you will have many exciting and hard missions. An exceptional game mode in this game that the others do not have is the cooperative game mode. When using this mode, you will have the opportunity to talk and exchange items and items with other players. You can also exchange and make friends online. Besides, you and your teammates will come together with the will to overcome to survive and survive in an environment like this. Faced with sickness, enemies, and hunger, however, as long as we have one solidarity, all the difficulties are just like grass. Day R Premium (MOD, Caps/Covers/Free Caft)


When you are here, if you want to explore, explore, and experience new things, you can explore the abandoned land for a long time and explore the abandoned high-rise buildings. You can also hunt, search and collect different weapons. The people here are very talented. They have created many different means to help people travel more conveniently. Besides, when you come here, you will be reminded of chemistry and physics knowledge to apply in life here. Thanks to that, they will help you improve your skills such as chemistry, mechanics, ... and learn more knowledge. More than that, you will hone your skills, know hundreds of more recipes to create many different reactions. Day R Premium (MOD, Caps/Covers/Free Caft)


This game has a Craft system; with this system, you can create your own items in many different ways, such as getting resources from the game, hunting for many other objects, or weapons that are useful to you. You have to find your own way and freely journey, experience strange roads in the mode of thousands of people participating in the game. Also, you have the right to choose the level of play depending on your interests and desires. Day R Premium (MOD, Caps/Covers/Free Caft)


The war will not stop, but it will continue like that. Only faith, determination, and patriotism will always exist forever. Whether sacrificed or survived, let's always fight our best to overcome death and fight the enemy. And this game will have a mode that allows you to survive, live together, against the face and overcome difficulties and dangers together, always talk to each other and help each other have more motivation, more strength to fight the enemy.

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Muito bom Top

49 hr

this the intense game for mobile phone i have played

95 hr

Супер игра

107 hr

Nice one 😌

Guilherme Lima
34 hr


75 hr


88 hr

issa noice game

1 1
Ken Aresthus
91 hr

complex survival game with text animation format. every step need to be calculated to avoid death or hazard situation. unfortunately its typical text style board game. so imagination is needed to fully experience the game or else you will just seeing icon moving across map paper.

1 1
38 hr

Me encanta este juego, realmente es mi infancia.. Espero con ansias la actualización

Ngan Phung Tran
39 hr


0 hr

Amazing game! So easy to play thanks to the mod!🤠

4 2