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Day R Survival
App Name Day R Survival
Genre RPG
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Day R Survival is set in the main building in Russia; you need to be the best adaptor to win this survival game.
Day R Survival is a survival adventure game that applies text-based gameplay to present players with completely new and unique gameplay. The game emphasizes the survival factor and combines many random elements to evolve the world and its mechanics. The game has a post-apocalypse world setting, and the map will surround all of Russia, with hundreds of regions and millions of locations for players to explore. Although the game does not focus on developing visual quality, it ensures that players know the important events or any action's progress. Also, the gameplay of Day R Survival is referred to as hardcore survival, where players have to search for items, fight, craft, build, and survive. Day R Survival (MOD, Free Caft/Caps)


The gameplay of Day R Survival seems endless, but it has a storyline to motivate players to survive. Start with the design of the world vividly and in-depth, with millions of locations without any overlap. The combat element will also apply randomness and ratio elements to give players more complex emotions with each encounter. The variety of items and equipment is a highlight of the game, with hundreds of weapons, armor, and aids to survive. Besides, players will have to build a shelter, develop a defense, and create a community of survivors. The gameplay of Day R Survival is deep and detailed, even constantly giving players many new elements to refer to and develop their quality of life. Day R Survival (MOD, Free Caft/Caps)


The Day R Survival map is vast and seemingly immense, and the map is designed in an overworld format for players to observe all the character's actions. When you tap on the character's circle on the map, the player will enter that area to start searching. Almost all of the locations are created completely randomly; even just moving one millimeter is everything that has changed completely. On the buildings will appear interactive bubbles, and through which players can enter or leave. Day R Survival (MOD, Free Caft/Caps)


When the player is roaming around the world, they will likely encounter different types of enemies, and each of them carries radiation-related diseases if direct contact. The combat mechanism is turn-based, even adopting the hit rate mechanism to make the battle more intense. Players can sacrifice one turn to use the item or run away if everything goes beyond their abilities. In the future, each weapon's hit rate can be increased through the special character upgrade system of Day R Survival. Day R Survival (MOD, Free Caft/Caps)


When players win a fight, collect items, and craft items, they'll get experience points until they level up. The player has many different options for spent skill points, like weapons, supports, and survival. Furthermore, for every three levels, the player gets to choose a perk, which greatly affects the player's quality of life. Of course, as they level up, the item crafting system will expand, giving players more access to higher-tier items. Day R Survival (MOD, Free Caft/Caps)


The player's journey is long and arduous, so they will need more equipment and items to survive. However, players must continuously build rugs along the way to serve as resting places or store items. During the scavenging, the player can bring back many things but will be limited in each trip's maximum weight. So the game teaches players how to optimize backpack space to bring more important things back to the base. Crafting systems are varied and vibrant, ranging from weapons, equipment, consumables, and necessities. The player must always prioritize creating the necessary items according to the situation, collecting weapons, and crafting many things for better combat effectiveness. Day R Survival (MOD, Free Caft/Caps)


Along the way, players will sometimes collide with the rest of the world, and there are even communities for players to exchange and collect information. What's impressive is that players can interact directly with NPCs, perform quests, and receive many useful things for the trip. However, if the player makes the wrong choice, these communities can become hostile, and the player will be immediately excluded. The game also emphasizes Interactive Stories so that players will experience many outcomes depending on their choice. Day R Survival is a post-apocalyptic survival game with diverse and in-depth gameplay, even giving players a whole new concept to the text-based genre. It combines many interesting factors, like hit chance and randomness, to make the world more diverse and richer. If you are a lover of survival but want to feel more hardcore, Day R Survival will be a perfect choice for you, even giving you mixed emotions with a dramatic plot.

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Ken Aresthus
42 hr

the best survival game ever. most realistic aspect of survival exist here. watch what you eat or you get sick. watch your time, travel system is realistic with real russia map, so it takes hours even days to travel. but unfortunately, in text based strategy game style. so if you lack of imagination, you can't enjoy and feel the game. combat exist on your mind. watching those icon on map and attacking with guns.

Nur Irwansyah
51 hr

Player Indonesia, Lumayan Bagus Sih, baru pertama Main udah di kasih Elemen survival yang nyata. Semoga ke depan Day R Survival bisa lebih baik dan utamakan keluhan player agar gamenya Berkembang. Terima kasih👍

p i y a r u ...
59 hr

uk buy

Parijo Redoune
67 hr

Très grand travail dans cette application, mais vous devriez résoudre certains problèmes dans le téléchargement de jeux