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Dice Hunter
App Name Dice Hunter
Genre RPG
Size 84.49MB
Latest Version 5.1.3
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Dice Hunter is a turn-based dice game that will test out your luck. Dice Hunter not only combines with the luck factor, but it needs players to have decent skills enough to face any dangers.

Dice Hunter (MOD, Unlimited Diamond)

A tactical turn-based RPG

This game has diverse and vast gameplay, it includes many different elements, and it will make players experience all its essence. Also, the gameplay is very complicated as well, like a board game combined with tactical strategy and turn-based. Players not only rely on luck but also on the strength of the army they are commanding. Moreover, the gameplay will continually create many opportunities for players to collect additional bonus points and add to their monster squad. In this game, the player becomes a Dicemancer capable of turning monsters into magic dice and using them on the battlefield as part of his body. A dice has up to 6 faces, which means that dice can give players 1 of its six abilities. And on the battlefield, players can use six different types of dice, and that creates 36 skills for players. Players can only activate six skills at a time, but for a turn-based strategy game, six skills are too much for them to take action. Dice Hunter (MOD, Unlimited Diamond) If the dice appear offensive skill, then the player can choose any target from the opponent to activate. But if the player appears defensive skills, it will automatically activate and protect the player in one or more subsequent turns. After monsters being turned into dice, they can use some special skills to help their master. Their skills are so diverse that players will discover many ways to use them properly. Even players can use combo skills from many different dice to create an effect that can greatly affect the enemy. In the world of "Dice Hunter," the player will begin a new adventure and fight with countless different types of monsters. Along the way, players can collect the monsters they want and make them part of the dice. When Monsters turned into dice, they can be evolved based on the player's progress. After a victory battle, the player's monster will receive a portion of experiences, and when collected enough experience, the player can level up for them. After leveling up, their shape and power will be improved and will provide more support to the player.

Dice Hunter (MOD, Unlimited Diamond)



This game will continuously create many attractive events for players. These events always contain many different types of rewards for players. As long as players show excellent skills during the event, the reward will be based on their progress.


Dungeons is an ideal place for yourself to practice skills and strengthen the power of Dice. Also, in dungeons, there is the possibility of appearing some rare monsters, and they can be collected if the player defeats them. Besides, Dungeons will also bring many experience points and gold to help players become stronger in the future.

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