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App Name Hero2memory
Genre RPG
Size 79.24MB
Latest Version 1.1.7
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In the game Hero's 2nd Memory (Hero2M), there is a magical world where there are not only real monsters, but they also appear all over the Earth, not fleeing. But one day, the devil began to rise from the dark hells and execute the plan of aggression. They begin to bones on the ground, kill and set up their own dark empires. Monster power and the devils' support make human defenses meaningless. Fortunately, a hero appears to save man from the hardships of hell. Finally, the hero also won glory and liberated all human beings from slavery. And the hero's memory is also lost because of a cruel curse from the devils themselves. So where is the hero now? Your task is to find the memory for the savior in the game Hero's 2nd Memory: Shooting RPG of the publisher EASTMOON.

Become the little superhero

This is a game of the genre Shooting RPG familiar to most players today. The game will be set up on the stand and we will have to control our characters by moving the character left or right. The boss of each screen will appear at the top of the screen and shoot continuous bursts in different trajectories. Your task at each level is to avoid dodgy shots fired just to pay back to destroy the enemy is preventing you to recapture the important memories of the hero. Hero's 2nd Memory has a very scientifically controlled attack mechanism that just shoots the bullets as you touch and hold your finger on the screen. Therefore, you will control the actions of the characters in the game, making the interaction with the environment and to release more accurate skills. Try to dodge enemy attacks when your health is low, and if in extreme cases you can not escape, use skills to avoid losing your life. After defeating all the annoying legacies and bosses in the game, take away the precious memories they have kept to return them to the hero who saved the Earth. But do not be surprised if you can easily defeat the weak bosses in the beginning of the game, the stronger and more cunning the plot, and even their attacks will not have any rules. can make you very surprised it. However, players can improve their own power by upgrading weapons and firing missiles containing more destructive power than before. In addition, the player is equipped with unique skills that work out to be no less than the ultimate skills of bosses have enough energy to destroy all the troops in front and lose a large amount of blood of the boss. The graphics of the game are simpler than the games of today. But that does not diminish the quality of the game because of the lightweight 2D graphics, so manufacturers can invest more and interact with characters in the environment. This helps to improve the accuracy of the attack and avoid accidental damage. The sound of the game is the very sharp investment, suitable for the environment and even the scenes are different. Hero's 2nd Memory: Shooting RPG APK is a quality product when the content is well invested, graphics and sound are also of high quality so the cost of a small amount of $1.01 to enjoy the full functionality of the game. And get some more incentives from the buyer of the game. This is a very lightweight game, so just run the Android 4.1 device and play it smoothly, and it is also suitable for kids, so do not hesitate to download the game and enjoy it. [su_spoiler title="MOD Info?" open="yes" style="fancy"]
  • A lot of coins;
  • To get a lot of diamonds: create a new save, then completely close the game, go into it and select Continue.
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Download APK (79.24MB)
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