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Legendary: Game of Heroes
App Name Legendary: Game of Heroes
Genre RPG
Size 99.68MB
Latest Version 3.13.17
MOD Info Quick win
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Legendary: Game of Heroes is set in the dark ages rewritten in fanciful stories. Here, people are constantly threatened by unnatural forces. They are intelligent, full of dark energy, and have large, strange bodies. The player assumes the role of a knight who must fight off mighty beasts with a frail human body. Will you be able to keep the peace and safety of the people? It all depends on your courage and intelligence.


The world of Korelis is a place where humans have to live with a variety of magical creatures. They possess excellent fighting power and evil spells. This place is ruled by the strong; there is no tolerance for the weak. Therefore, fighting is the best way to survive and protect your loved ones. You were born into this world with the status of a hero who will use all his life and enthusiasm to preserve the peace of humankind. However, the cruel world is not a place where heroism is celebrated. Many hostile forces constantly rise to take over the meager resources and enslave the remaining species. Players must use the combined strength of an entire organization and superior tactics to oppose the highly well-prepared armies. Monsters are places that you can use to mine resources for the development of your army later. Moreover, the richer you are, the more powerful heroes you can summon.


Basically, Legendary: Game of Heroes is a match-three game that combines many different elements to make the game experience more diverse. You must participate in the war between the forces against each other through a battlefield. All the moves you unleash are based on the heroes you bring into battle. It depends on the opponent you are up against. If the opponent has too much HP, the player needs heroes that can deal damage based on % of max health; or opponents with too much armor, you can think of heroes that break armor or heroes that deal magic damage. In addition, these heroes can also be upgraded in strength through each stage. As long as you have enough money, you can make them stronger with relics and levels. The higher the level, the base stats will be raised in a breakthrough way. As long as you accumulate enough EXP, heroes will automatically level up, but there is still a big difference between S-rank and A-rank heroes. In general, they are the basic division of RPG games like this. Relics is what helps you to flexible the strength of your heroes. They will be able to withstand many different situations if you are not adequately prepared.
Finally, the open world of Legendary: Game of Heroes also gathers a lot of different heroes. You should apply to a guild to receive great benefits from the community. They will be the ones to guide you to play the game as well as bring great gifts that you cannot do on your own. In addition, some challenges allow you to fight as a team, confronting large monsters, for example. The reward will be divided equally; players only need to show themselves to the best of their ability.

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Download APK (99.68MB)
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