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School of Chaos
App Name School of Chaos
Genre RPG
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Do you want your school days no longer boring and tedious? Do you want something bad and you no longer “invisible” to everyone in the school? School of Chaos APK is a free online role-playing game that has been praised by many players.

About School of Chaos

Listen to the name of the game, you can also feel chaos and violence. Combined with funny action elements, the game takes you to a school without teachers and principals. Your school is like a battlefield, where you spend the whole day fighting with other students.

The “new style” school

School of Chaos is set in a normal school like many other schools. It also includes a pedagogical campus, a gymnasium, a basketball court, etc. However, the special point here is that the school is completely absent from teachers and guards. In some mysterious ways, it is possible to be eaten by zombies, but they are not present at school. All that remained was the students who were unruly and disruptive. Bullying in school is increasing. The class all happened fiercely battles of the bad students. Everything else is just a chaotic scene of battles between students.

What about you? Surrendered or bullying in such an unorganized place? I bet you will not bear to be beaten day after day. Moreover, in a place where there is no right and wrong, only the strong and the weak, it is best to train and find a way to become the boss.


Playing School of Chaos means you have to do a lot of things to stronger. There are thousands of quests in the Quest Maker system to experience and train yourself. Forget the boring duties in school like studying, listening to lectures,… Because now the task sequence will be extremely unique and endless when it comes not only from the publisher but also you can create your own tasks. The completed tasks always bring many attractive rewards. It could be gold coins or combat support items. Through it, you can unlock new weapons and armour.


Entering the sandbox world, players will participate in PvP school violence battles to find a way to survive. Your opponents are thousands of online players worldwide. To win them, of course, you have to become the strongest. You can perform more than 30 different skills and thousands of characters’ fighting abilities.

In addition, there is a huge system of equipment that you can unlock. It is armor, helmet or countless weapons like axes, swords, blades, … All in the store, as long as you earn lots of gold.

When you are too strong and don’t take any opponent, it’s time you can claim, you are the boss. Being a boss is just a way of saying visualization. In fact, you are at the top of the battle rankings. That is enough to make others show respect to you.

Play with friends

In School of Chaos, you have the opportunity to meet many people. They are your friends or your enemies. If more new friends are added, you can create a group and be ready to “war”. If you’ve grown up, invite your friends to play this game. You and your friends can “go back” to your high school. Fighting together, enjoy together the moments of joy, sadness and happiness.

In addition to fighting all day, players can buy houses, build furniture to organize fun parties with friends. It may be an ideal place to celebrate after winning matches. Party events will increase cohesion among friends, who accompany you on the journey to dominate the school.


School of Chaos opens a sandbox world with eye-catching 3D graphics. The characters are extremely diverse and funny. They look like funny warriors. Besides, the context of the school brings a feeling of novelty and familiarity.

Download School of Chaos APK for Android

It can be said that School of Chaos has an addictive ability. The game does not completely target a specific object. For those who are still in school, this game can help your school day no longer boring. As for adult, the game revitalizes the memories of their student days with the familiar school.

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