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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes
App Name Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes
Genre RPG
Size 64.91MB
Latest Version 0.30.1125675
MOD Info Menu/DMG, defence multiple
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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes owns beautiful graphics that any player will be impressed with it. It can be said that the adventures, spaceships, or the characters of Star Wars will appear before your eyes. So, surely you will not be able to ignore what this game gives you. Simultaneously, all the elements are designed thoroughly, and unique weapons also reappear in this game. star-wars-galaxy-of-heroes-mod-unlimited-energyno-cd


It can be said that this game contains familiar elements and is entirely suitable for fans of the hit movie of the same name. The villain's lines reappear once again, and you also face various enemies and monsters in space. Such a time will bring you wonderful experiences. The Star Wars feature once again appears that Light Saber that some characters will use in this game.


Galaxy of Heroes gives you elements that give you easy access to the game's mechanics as a Tutorial. Simultaneously, it is not too tricky, and the player only takes a little time to learn it. After that, they will go on their journey and explore the vast and beautiful universe that the game brings. Simultaneously, the difficulty is always something that they must face to make progress in the game. star-wars-galaxy-of-heroes-mod-unlimited-energyno-cd The game possesses its gameplay of the turn-based strategy game. Specifically, players will participate in a match with the characters they own. Each character has its attacks that you will be able to choose from to attack the enemy. At the same time, whoever defeats the enemy's forces is the one who achieves victory and gets the experience and related items to help you upgrade your character in the future. At the same time, each character has two skills from the very beginning of the game. Each character has their unique attacks. As you play, you will notice that your team has a health bar and a mana bar to use your attacking skills. During the game, players will need to observe the game and come up with reasonable plans to pass each level. star-wars-galaxy-of-heroes-mod-unlimited-energyno-cd-1


The game offers you turn-based gameplay, as mentioned above. You will participate in different levels to explore the game and collect the necessary materials. The levels will have more than a tiny match you will have to join in. The number of rounds you will have to go through is shown on the left side of the screen. If you do not calculate carefully in each match, you may also experience failure in the first round unintentionally. The game gives you the experience of many different characters, but bringing them to the group is not a completely simple factor. This mechanism is similar to the gacha mechanism, where you will need to use an ingredient in the game to do this. Simultaneously, this mechanism also brings excitement along with the inhibition when it is not always possible to appear characters with high skills and great power. star-wars-galaxy-of-heroes-mod-unlimited-energyno-cd-1-1 Simultaneously, when you don't reach higher characters in a short period, you will need to build strength for your team. You will control more than one character in this game, and each has two skills available. If you want to unlock other skills, you will need to spend many materials and experience leveling them up. When certain conditions are met, these skills will be opened automatically.


Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes gives you an impressive Star Wars world where you can see the universe the way you want to. Players will participate in adventures and face many different enemies, and meet old friends. Simultaneously, you can drag some strong characters to your team to help you overcome the problematic enemies ahead. Don't forget to level them up so they can gain new skills. star-wars-galaxy-of-heroes-mod-unlimited-energyno-cd-1-1-1


The universe is always a topic that many people love because of its mystery and vastness. It is always the raw material for film and game producers to develop creative ideas and give viewers the most enjoyable experience. It's an adventure going to exciting places or meeting characters with different characteristics. One of the works that many people love taking on the universe's theme is Star Wars, a classic and successful. Since then, it also has its related products such as games. The title introduced today is also the title of this movie, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

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precisa atualizar,mas parabéns ao excelente trabalho!!!

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se queda colgado en la pantalla de inicio del juego y no funciona 😞 A pesar de esto un Gran Trabajo. Gracias

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won't boot

0 hr

update again keeps crashing and not loading

114 hr

Add more characters!!

Debidien Cec...
81 hr

Second best Star Wars game on mobile so far. Number one will always be Star Wars: Force Arena

Uzumaki Naruto
62 hr

I love it this game!

Dang Nguyen
60 hr

khá ổn.😁

Yohann Dievart
107 hr

the best star wars game