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Wild Tamer
App Name Wild Tamer
Genre RPG
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Latest Version 2.38
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Wild Tamer is an addictive role-playing game with a bit of a whimsical element. Players will fight with exotic animals to capture them.
If you are a fan of entertainment, maybe somewhere, you've heard about it the name of 111%. Exactly, this is the famous publisher, owner of the BBTAN game, which attracts more than 10 million users worldwide. 111% have an impressive slogan "Hello, we will steal your time. It's simple but addictive." Indeed, these company-released games are addictive for players, although they are designed quite simply. In addition to BBTAN, Wild Tamer is also a testament to this. And soon, we will learn about the exciting things of Wild Tamer, see what this experience is, 111%!


The story of Wild Tamer takes players back to ancient times, millions of years from the world. At that time, our society is hugely wild, people live sparsely, mainly living animals. At that time, there was one of our ancestors who conceived that these creatures had terrific abilities, helping people to strengthen their minds and longevity. A mysterious teacher appears, he believes in this and wants to discover the mysteries in animals. To do this, he must first win all the animals. With the ability to communicate and control the mind, will the teacher's purpose become a reality?

Druid VS Animals

Join the game; you will turn into a teacher and begin the journey to win animals. Wild Tamer's play mechanics take place sequentially according to the plot, so at the beginning, you only search for and capture small animals like rats and rabbits... After a while, when you finish the quests the case that the system puts in, you will have more experience points to reach the higher levels. The opportunity to meet big creatures will open, and then the game will become more attractive. However, the bigger the animals, the more powerful they are, making it difficult for you to conquer them — Tiger, leopard, mammoth or even giant whales. These are the difficulties that you must overcome. And to be able to do this, you need to have strong fighting power and animal army. Every animal that you capture will become a battle animal, and submit to you, effectively supporting you in the process of capturing other ones. At this point, you may wonder, how can small animals fight against more considerable power? So you need to know that the developer has designed all rock-scissor-paper animal style. Therefore, they will overpower each other's ability. So sometimes you get knocked down by certain animals, then try to capture other ones have the overwhelming power than the one that defeated you (Obviously, you must have the surely chance to catch them). The rule will assure that help you take the target. As for strength, you can equip yourself with weapons and armor. Initially, the system will give you the default items. But in the process of fighting, you will collect new equipment better. In addition, you can also upgrade them to strengthen, improve combat ability.


Overall, Wild Tamer will be a game gives you many enjoyable experiences. Intriguing storyline, lively gameplay, attractive gameplay, a combination of two genres: action and survival. Don't miss Wild Tamer, join this game and start the journey to win over 60 animals, and discover the mysteries of ancient times!

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76 hr

wow just wow, game like this is the reason why I love gaming, The game made by some people who actually love making the game! a game made by talented artist who put their art with so much detail that you can see it and feel it every time you play and you will find something new and beautiful, this is one of the greatest Android game with one of the simplest 2d art style and small size, I can say that with proud that I actually play this game, well let's get down to the review shell we 😅,, I play this game long time ago It was online but recently I have seen that in play store it say it's offline, but I couldn't play it offline so I'm not entirely sure if it is possible to play offline or not, this game is a simple game for chilling and killing time but it doesn't waste your time, it's just a tap game everything is tapping There is not too control other then just tapping but still there is so much you can do with the single tap, There is so much things that you can unlock upgrade and use, this game is full packet of lots of content which you can literally have without paying anything, but you must have to have patient, And honestly if you can afford I would not say that you shouldn't pay for stuff to help the developers, but only if you are affordable and you are willing to help them, because these guys done a great job they definitely deserve support, The game based on a small cute pet army you are controlling which become larger and larger and bigger and bigger as you progress through the game, you find more tougher enemy and then you can just make those enemy your ally they will follow you around they will be with you as your ally, so the game is continuously going and you are finding new type of pet new type of weapons and new type of stuff it's never feel repetitive, The cute animation the small cute animals in the art style is so overwhelmingly cute that you will never ever feel like you are playing something everyday and you are not having fun it's just so much beautiful and very well done, because of the game mechanic that you are always getting something new and you are upgrading and you are finding new pet new ally,, definitely must have a game like this in your phone to chill out whenever you have a little bit time you can just play this game it doesn't require your time it doesn't require you to must complete any stage you can just literally play it for like 10 minute 15 minute and even in that moment you are not wasting your time you will get something out of it!! definitely worth five star ❤️ If you read this for then thank you so much!!!🙏 please follow me I do review most of the time and one fall off from you doesn't mean much for you but for me it's a big help, it will be a big motivation for me to move on and keep making reviews 🤗 I also have YouTube channel please join my channel I do mostly share games gameplay new games and game mods, YouTube link:

Đỗ Long
21 hr

gooooooooood very

Phuong Nghi
88 hr

bản này lưu dữ liệu được là tui thấy muốn chơi game rồi:))

103 hr

đc của ló

Thúy Mai
117 hr

good game

Huy Nhật Phạm T
108 hr

thêm tiếng việt thì ok ròi

Nguyễn Lộc
79 hr

game hay