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Choices: Stories You Play
App Name Choices: Stories You Play
Genre Simulation
Size 80.89MB
Latest Version 2.9.2
MOD Info Free Premium Choices
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Rating 4.1/5 (39 votes)
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Choices mod apk will bring everyone the most romantic stories and moments, but no less dramatic, vibrant, suspenseful, and emotional. It is also considered a comprehensive library with many regularly updated content or stories and many high-quality features to diversify their experience. On top of that, every story adopts a unique visual or illustrative style, helping to stimulate the player's senses of every situation.


All of the stories or variations in Choices mod apk are boldly romantic but mixed with other complicated scenarios or scenarios. For that reason, their number is large, and an exquisite library will make it easy for players to find any story that suits them. Meanwhile, it also supports everyone with a personal library for the convenience of organizing or organizing any favorite content stored in each folder. The variety of stories mainly emphasizes their genre or context, such as fantasy, medieval, sci-fi, etc. Although every situation or content revolves around an emotional element, bad situations will still appear to stimulate the player's emotions, such as anger, nervousness, excitement, fear, and more. As players delve deeper into the main storyline, they'll have more complex feelings towards outrageous situations.


Each story in the library is famous for the length and direction they let players explore, and there are many different routes for players to choose from. Before that, players need to get acquainted with the main character, including family background, past, personality, and existing relationships. Of course, players have to design a separate character with many options such as costumes, appearance, hairstyle, characteristics, personality, and more to immerse themselves in each story.

The development of many directions in the story will give players many options to change themselves or become whoever they want to be. It also has a big effect on the relationship and emotional factors around them, and even trusted friends will have a lot of changes. A few special situations will confuse the player, but their results are entirely bold or tragic.


The interactive story system in Choices mod apk is the highlight when it allows players to decide the direction of things positively or negatively. Every situation or system process will give the player more than two distinct options, and each has a major impact on the future. On top of that, choices directly affect characters or relationships, and players can see their changes instantly. The variety of choices can completely mess up the main storyline, including the marriages or relationships the player is building. During the climax, players can also instantly change the final decision, creating multiple endings and unlocking new achievements for each story. Thanks to the selection system, the player's experience, and excitement will intensely stimulate as they open up new chapters in the future.


The emotional element is not the main theme in this game, as the player must take the initiative in love and eliminate other problems. In a normal relationship of modern times, love rivals will often appear to sabotage any progress or feelings of the player. On the contrary, there will still be people who silently support and are ready to support every decision that the player makes, thereby steering the entire structure of the story in a new direction.

For love rivals or saboteurs, the player can also dive into their story and uncover their pasts or developments. After collecting all the evidence or secrets, the player can make them happy or take advantage of them in many particular cases. Because of that, the plot and content of each story are important and attractive, even for the player to change everything and create a story of their own.


Although Choices mod apk has high-quality stories and depth, the quality of its images and graphics is a hallmark. Its visual and environmental rendering is refined and more polished, making every character more beautiful in a style characteristic of their personalities. Some exceptional cases will also have attractive and sensitive illustrations to stimulate the player's mood before making important decisions. The great thing about Choices is the freedom it wants players to build or decide everything in each story, whether friendship or marriage. However, many bad circumstances can arise, such as infidelity, betrayal, and many other negative emotions from love. It will introduce more exciting elements or concepts as players progress further in each story, promising them a multitude of complex yet delightful sensations.Let's download Choices mod apk now!

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Download APK (80.89MB)
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0 hr

I loove it thank you for creating this, i originally was looking for scripts but found choices and its great, once again thank you

0 hr

I absolutely love this game and the mods are FANTASTIC! I don't wanna sound greedy or anything but having unlimited keys would make this game PERFECT but with that being said I'm totally okay with having to wait. It's only 2 hrs for 1 key 4 hrs for 2 but having the unlimited diamonds is worth that wait!

0 hr

Esta tudo funcionando muito bem, ótimo jogo.

Caterina 1996
0 hr

it's work download the game it's perfect 😊 Thanks you very much

gabe nole
0 hr

nice mod, can you make it so you can sign in, idk anything about modding but i hope you can do it becuase i dont want to lost my progress again. please make purchases free i would love to have free keys instead of waiting

0 hr

Couldn't completely play the game before because of premium choices. Thanks to moddroid the mod makes those choices free. I suggest you should edit the mod to include infinite keys. It's hard to wait for them recovering. 😁

0 hr

O mod está funcionando perfeitamente bem, estou amandooooo!!

0 hr

I love this mod it's one that finally works, the only thing I would like to see is if the mods can make it so that we have VIP access

0 hr

I just downloaded this game yesterday and I am certainly enjoying it! Though it kinda sucks for me when you still need to use gems to buy clothes/hair at the start of the game when selecting your character's appearance. I thought every choice would be free but I guess not. But it isn't that bad😁 I hope y'all have plans on making the game have infinite keys cuz that will certainly make the game more enjoyable : D

0 hr

Awesome game, the stories are all great and very entertaining, I could spend hours playing thus. The mod works perfectly and I'm impressed on how often it's updated, the ofc game releases patches every week and still the modder is always working to release the new mod update. Only thing still wish is thar they keep updating the V3, I really want to use the vip options cause it gives you really special stuff such as playing Especial books like the zombie one and having infinite keys. ☆☆☆☆☆

0 hr

I love it lives in the woods!!!