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Dragon Paradise
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Dragons are one of the most appearing fantasy creatures in human cultures. To this day, dragons are no longer a myth that scares people. Those are just stories about a mighty animal that is not true. On the contrary, the image of this monster is widely used in the entertainment field. At the present time, many pictures of dragons, movies, and games also take advantage of them. Because this species is a product of the imagination, they can appear in any shape, possessing all kinds of powers. Dragon x Dragon (MOD, Unlimited Coins/Jewels/Food)

Dragon x Dragon - a new game about this powerful animal.

For many players, this game satisfies most of their interest in a dragon game. It also provides nearly all the content many people request. In the game, it simulates a magical world, unlike the real world at all. The battles of the most powerful creatures. Moreover, the tactics also greatly affect the gameplay. The mix of genres makes this game becoming the focus of dragon lovers in particular and strategy-action fighting games in general. Furthermore, in addition to the presence of a dragon, "Dragon x Dragon" also offers a mixture of many different monsters. They are powerful and bring many elements to help diversify the strategy of this game. Brick, Fireball, Cactus, ... are all names that can support very well in many types of squads. Dragon x Dragon (MOD, Unlimited Coins/Jewels/Food)

Unique images of dragons, limitless creativity

As mentioned, Dragon x Dragon is a game dedicated to dragon lovers. In genealogy, this species is divided into many different branches with very clear morphological features. Although in this game everything is not properly divided according to the fantasy theory about this mysterious animal, players still see the diversity of the design and classification of power. From normal species that we often see such as Earth Dragon, Ice Dragon, Fire Dragon, ... to unique species such as Plasma Dragon, Sunflower Dragon, Pirates Dragon, ... Dragon x Dragon (MOD, Unlimited Coins/Jewels/Food) Initially, the player can only get normal species only. They will not have any special power or shape. Using these basic species is no fun either. Later, when they are big enough, you can begin to breed them. Two different types of dragons create a new type, having the properties of their parents. In addition, mutated genes can cause them to turn into a completely new type. Their strength will surpass their parents, possessing unique skills, and special shapes. Dragon x Dragon (MOD, Unlimited Coins/Jewels/Food)

The 6v6 battles were a show of power notable

Dragons' most feature was their mysterious powers. Thanks to this power, they can overwhelm nearly all animals on this planet. Only dragons are strong enough to oppose their own kind. A dead or alive match between 12 dragons will truly delight the player. They can use all of their power on their opponents and defeat them as quickly as possible. Tactics are the most important factor when you will have to calculate damage, skills, and cooldown to optimize your combos. In addition, owning powerful dragons also helps a lot for the victory of this game. The hierarchy of powers by elements as well as stars makes strategy varied, and the powers of these species are much more balanced.

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