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My Time at Portia
App Name My Time at Portia
Genre Simulation
Size 1104.14MB
Latest Version 1.0.11072
MOD Info Unlocked
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Rating 4.6/5 (19 votes)
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My Time at Portia APK offering players the most relaxing moments, including communication and developing a new life as a crafter in a peaceful town.

You are a person who wants to start a business, want to transform into farmers to build your farm. One suggestion for you is My Time at Portia. Players will play the role of a boy in the romantic city of Portia, with the desire to revive the factory of his missing father. You are experiencing many challenges with many possible ironic situations. Therefore, My Time at Portia is a game that allows you to experience becoming a talented worker and building your own production base. My Time at Portia


My Time at Portia attracts players with its attractive plot, many interesting details. Players will play the role of a boy who wants to restore the old workshop that has been forgotten in the past. He wants to rebuild, develop more prosperity. This helps players better understand the career activities, the rigors of life to succeed in My Time at Portia. Besides, players will have to go through many challenges and difficulties to achieve their goals. Players will discover all the mysteries in the town with the number of competitors, find materials ... The player's main task is to make tools and use them to build reconstructions—a post-apocalyptic town. An interesting thing in the game plot is that players need to design and manufacture modern machines for travel, production ... That is the mission throughout My Time at Portia. My Time at Portia


When participating in My Time at Portia, players will have to live a new life, a poor and backward town. Players transform into a guy to perform activities such as breeding, farming, building constructions, .... Before starting to play, the player Presley - a resident working in the city's trade association - introduces the city of Portia and the tasks to do. The first task you have to go through is passing the test and getting a worker's license from the assembly. At the same time, the challenges will be set constantly, forcing the player to complete them. The higher the level, the more missions are unlocked for the player. Players will be provided with many items for crafting, reopening the workshop, etc., or overcoming different challenges to gain loot to a new level. My Time at Portia


My Time at Portia introduces 50 NPCs for players to interact with. In addition, My Time at Portia also allows you to participate in the city's festivals, meet new friends, chat and chat, exchange business experiences; you will receive the corresponding points, accumulated enough points, then the player will be increased to the next level. In addition, My Time at Portia also allows players to experience attractive tasks such as building trains, refining their appearance, or participating in many other social activities. These tasks will help players discover more interesting things in My Time at Portia, helping players always feel attractive, new, .. even playing for a long time. My Time at Portia My Time at Portia is a game that will help you get the experience of starting a business in an exciting and fun way. Therefore, this is entertainment that you should not ignore in the future. Thus, if you are looking for a series of games with simple gameplay, vivid sound, beautiful graphics, exciting challenges, etc., do not miss My Time at Portia!

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Everton Gomeo
0 hr

pode baixar que eu consegui baixar viu estou jogando até hoje

0 hr

No voice player

0 hr

omg it actually worked! I've been having troubles searching for apk because apks won't work on Xiaomi before, altho it does now but the copies i had were all failure. THANK YOU SOOO MUUCCHHH!!

0 hr

Excelente jogo. Pra mim o melhor de todos

0 hr

Works well. such a fun game thanks for making it available for free

Gustavo Pereira
40 hr


83 hr

finally game RPG like harves moon & portal knight offline come to android

60 hr

My most anticipated game!

95 hr

games is good

No Face
24 hr

its like harvest moon but 3d and open world like genshin impact

8 hr

Quero muito jogar esse jogo no cell nem q eu gaste 100 reais eu jogo ele

110 hr


76 hr

Just as you can see, 100% ported to mobile. But unfortunately there are some low-selection graphics that are less optimized, as well as the text ingame that is still a little plain. If we should compare it to the pc version, it'll be 9.5/10. Some of bugs that the player previously complained about have now been fixed. So when I started playing, I hadn't found any other new bugs yet. The gameplay is focused on crafting and building goodies. We can marry one of the NPCs girl or boy. Exploring a big world at Portia, and many more. So you'll not be bored easily. For the first time I bought a game this expensive before trying it first. For some reason I agree with some players, at least give us trial access of a few tens of minutes or hours to convince ourself if this game is worth to buy or not. That's why before I had to think twice for not to hesitate to buy it. Yes, because I dont know that this game will be okay on my phone or according to my taste. But thanks Goodness, this game didn't disappoint me! I really love it. For this one, I promise I won't uninstall it (considering how expensive this would be if it couldn't be discounted) LOL. 🤣😣

42 hr

can't wait for it, hopefully it will be released soon