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Scary Robber
App Name Scary Robber
Genre Simulation
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Latest Version 1.9.91
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Scary Robber Home Clash is a fun entertainment game genre for mobile device users; you will play the character of Brian, who is home alone, unfortunately, with two notorious thieves entering his home. If you were Brian, how would you handle them, help the docile boy character teach the two thieves a memorable lesson? Quickly download the game to your phone to help the boy Brian complete the task.


A curious boy since birth, young Brian is very passionate about finding and doing adventures, this time, his parents wanted to travel for two weeks, so he sent him to summer camp. With a dynamic nature of discovery and curiosity, he sneaked away from the summer camp home; he can do everything he loves at home. While playing a game in another room, Brain discovered two robbers at the house entrance, the two notorious thieves Felix and Lester. Scary Robber Home Clash


After a period of monitoring a deserted house where no one lives, two thieves decided to sneak into the house to steal things. They could not expect that young Brian had come home when he was not; he was also whimpering a moment when he saw two thieves leisurely break the door into his house. The boy felt angry and decided to teach the two thieves a lesson for entering his house to steal things. Do not underestimate a small boy; let's see how he punishes those two bandits. Join Brian to teach the other two thieves to do bad things because the law will punish them. Experience thrilling moments when the little boy is alone in the face of two ferocious robbers who have no humanity. Scary Robber Home Clash


In Scary Robber Home Clash, you play as a smart boy Brian, passionate about exploring and enthusiastic about adventure missions. When his parents are not at home, what should the boy do to deal with and get rid of the thieves? Be very alert to set traps in many different ways, from electric shock traps or wire traps that cause them to trip unexpectedly; thieves have to give in to you. Use their wits to surpass them, causing them to feel shocked by the boy caught punishing them. Coped by the lonely, small boy and the bandits are very annoyed. Surely after this time, they would not dare to steal other people's homes, tie them up and report them to the police for the fastest handling. Scary Robber Home Clash Thieves would have to think differently from that point on intelligent kids, being pranked many times, making them afraid to blush. The method of controlling the character while playing is also quite simple, making it easy for players to approach and experience. Using the keys to move, run, sit down and fight the other two, you can also view the map and indoor camera to monitor them and come up with coping strategies. Please make use of all you have to punish the other two thieves a lifetime lesson, hand them over to the police, so they never dare to steal again. Scary Robber Home Clash


As for the detailed in-game visuals, the unique in-game images clearly show the suspenseful scene while dealing with the thief. The rooms to the household items we draw in detail, bright colors make the player more excited and excited. The portraits of two stolen characters are clearly depicted; their faces are incredibly cunning and ferocious, causing the atmosphere to suffocate; the intelligent boy must find a way to play pranks on them. The situations you play pranks on two thieves make players extremely happy; those funny moments are what we want to bring to players. The sound in the game is inserted into thrilling situations; the suspenseful sound makes Scary Robber Home Clash more attractive. The sound of the footsteps of two thieves walking upstairs, the sound of them opening the closet doors or rummaging through for money, their powerful voices was distinctive. But you have many ways to regret them; they have to scream when electrocuted, beg you not to alert the police, but not because the law must punish bad guys. Scary Robber Home Clash Please download the game Scary Robber Home Clash immediately to your phone, and experience the most exciting and fun moments. Punish thieves appropriately, teach them memorable lessons never to do bad things in the future. Hopefully, the game will give players happy and excited emotions when playing the game, making players happy. If players have any feedback or reviews, please send us in the mailbox immediately; the admin team will quickly accept.

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