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Tsuki's Odyssey v1.3.13 MOD APK (Unlimited Carrots) Download

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Tsuki Odyssey
App Name Tsuki Odyssey
Genre Simulation
Size 561.75MB
Latest Version 1.3.13
MOD Info Unlimited Carrots
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Rating 2.0/5 (2 votes)
Download APK (561.75MB)
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Suppose you are looking for a game with cute pets to have fun after hours of stressful work. Introducing you to a game, Tsuki's Odyssey gives you a peaceful experience in the world filled with sparkling lights of a distant lighthouse. With many playful and colorful images of tidy houses nestled in the old wooden trunks. The scene in the game is a scene in a forest with a soft green carpet and a peaceful river. So join us in the game to have a very peaceful life. Tsuki's Odyssey


First, the game will give you an empty house in an old tree, your job is to buy and arrange the contents of your house neatly and beautifully. Tsuki's Odyssey will get you lost in Mushroom Village with fun characters. You have to build yourself a house by making money. Growing products such as carrots, cabbage, or fishing in the lake .. will help you get many profits. Exchange the items you collect to buy the necessary items for your home. To complete your house in the best way, you need to grow lots of agricultural products or fish a lot of fish. Shop more for your home to add a new touch to your colorful floors. The game will give you many different tools for you to exploit items in the game. Notifications will show you what your home needs and where to locate it. Tsuki's Odyssey


Interact with the outside world as you can find friends in your village. Chatting or trading with your neighbors will increase your likelihood of interacting with others. Or you can share your feelings with those around you. Tsuki always follows you, but it is not your pet but a free pet. Tsuki will move around the village and interact everywhere according to its will. Check around the village regularly, and there will be many exciting things for you to explore. Interact with friends with your virtual phone to text or find new locations. There is also a search for your favorite character to take pictures of. In Tsuki's Odyssey, there are also ways for you to move: trains with vivid graphics. Tsuki's Odyssey


You can choose for yourself your favorite character such as rabbit or fox, weasel .. and name it to build a house and harvest crops with you. During the seeding process, you will be given soil; your job is to choose the cultivars and take care of them. Fertilize your soil well so that your plants grow quickly. Share your favorite game results or images with your friends. These pictures will be posted on the village information board, so you need to beautifully take care of your home. Shop for the most modern items when you have enough money. You can also buy a few more bonsai pots to decorate your home. The locations displayed on the map help you locate a place to sell or exchange harvested equipment or products. Tsuki's Odyssey


Make your money more profitable and have a relaxing time fishing on the banks of the river that flows around the village. There is a variety of fish that you can harvest. If you are a fan of tranquility, fishing is a great choice. Trying to collect for yourself more spoils will help you exchange more equipment needed for your house. In addition, Tsuki's Odyssey with graphics of much beautiful scenery along with cute animals in the forest will make you enjoy participating. Objects in the house are also described to be similar to the reality that makes you feel like you are in your own home. Realistic images with rich and beautiful scenery are the point where the game is satisfied by a large number of users when experiencing. Along with dialogue or tutorials is also a part to help you add more interaction with the community. Tsuki's Odyssey Tsuki's Odyssey is a home decoration game, making friends, catching fish, and more. This is a passive adventure game that can be suitable for children over 13 years old. It helps you learn how to organize your home more neatly. Do not waste your free time stress while playing the game; you will feel peaceful in the green forest with lovely animals.  

Download Tsuki Odyssey (MOD, Unlimited Carrots)

Download APK (561.75MB)
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