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App Name EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2
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As you all know, wrestling is a famous martial arts fighting game in America and is held every year with many different large and minor tournaments. Typically, you only watch wrestling programs on TV but have not tried or understood that game. So the EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 game was released so players can challenge themselves through this simulation game. This game is version 2 of EA Sports UFC Mobile with more outstanding features than the previous version. It is available on the Google Play app for Android devices and can be downloaded to play for free. With the tough competition and powerful boxers, the game will bring you more authentic battles than ever. EA SPORTS™ UFC® Mobile 2


This is a fighting sports game and gives players the true UFC action experience to collect and compete against athletes with real world-class athletes. You'll be fighting in intense matches and taking part in tournaments with live content between actual UFC events, something no other fighting game can offer players. Also, the real world of UFC matches is easy to reach. After going through many complicated battles in the game, you will unlock your favorite battle tournaments and customize them to best suit your playing style. The in-game MMA deck contains specific abilities that can be upgraded to power up and rank up your fighter. Fight in campaigns, raids, and Guild mode and participate in Live or special events to earn more in-game rewards. You can gain glory in battles and knock out your opponents. EA SPORTS™ UFC® Mobile 2


You will test your fighting abilities and participate in the most intense MMA combat experience this game brings to you. In addition, the ability to RPG, unique decks, and real-time action awaits you in the martial arts battle. This game will have warriors you know or love so you can choose and participate in fierce battles. You will be playing the role of the boxers you love with real-world live content on screen. The game has basic or signature fighting moves that your favorite athlete can use, special featured combat moves that can be used to finish combat quickly. Build your dream warrior team with powerful boxers and a variety of live fighter events. Fighting action update app with new UFC icons and latest events always updated every day to satisfy player's request. EA SPORTS™ UFC® Mobile 2


The game has straightforward and easy-to-play gameplay on the touch screen. You will use your fingers to perform basic punches with a quick touch on the screen, swipe through for heavier shots, and swipe diagonally for forceful and traumatic shots. To avoid enemy attacks, you place two fingers on the screen, swipe back, and to create space; you swipe twice. This is the most intuitive control system ever that is not available in other games. To start the match, the only thing you can do is punch. Your punches and kills come into play when you score with your punches, and if you continue these special moves, you can dramatically decrease your opponent's health bar. This attack has been buffed from previous victories. If you have a chance to score a takedown, then a little bar appears on the screen, and you have to hit the perfect timing to take your opponent off the field, and you will become the winner. EA SPORTS™ UFC® Mobile 2


You can customize MMA fighters with a brand new punch and kick combos and increase their strength over time. Besides, you should participate in fighting in special campaigns and events to receive attractive rewards that the game brings. The more you play, the more money you make. And through many battles, you will collect new fighting techniques and take advantage of unique skills in your battles. Beat your opponents in the competition and climb to the top rankings to earn the most significant rewards in the game. The game is designed with RPG gameplay to prevent stagnation. Compete in guilds that match your style of play and connect with like-minded players for more engaging matches. Winning certain battles will open you up a box of new attacks, but you can fill in your name to your job list after winning a series of battles. EA SPORTS™ UFC® Mobile 2 EA SPORTS ™ UFC® Mobile 2 is a wrestling simulation game featuring famous characters and special attacks, giving players great experiences and challenges. The game's graphics are impressive with the high resolution; the animations are also very top; this is a quality game for you.

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