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Rocket League Sideswipe v1.0 APK Download for Android

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Rocket League Sideswipe
App Name Rocket League Sideswipe
Genre Sports
Size 1081.73MB
Latest Version 1.0
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Rating 4.3/5 (184 votes)
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Rocket League is the world's most popular sports racing game through various platforms, and the entertainment and fun it offers are almost endless in every game. However, this article will not introduce in-depth to that game. Instead, it is the mobile version with many improvements to adapt to many ages. It is a miniature version of the PC. Still, Rocket League Sideswipe has many impressive features and has captured many positive impressions of international reviewers, and has become one of the great games. The game will also introduce an online co-op function, where players can entertain with friends through countless modes and hottest matches. Rocket League Sideswipe


Rocket League Sideswipe possesses many of the original game's essences on other platforms, and it is a perfect combination between racing and football. Few would expect those two genres to come together through a game, where people use high-performance cars and bring balls to the opponent's goal. It sounds crazy, but that's what makes the game so popular, where players can enjoy the game in countless different ways with friends or strangers. Moreover, the game continuously creates attractive and engaging events and many attractive rewards for players to experience the game for a long time. Its content and events are regularly updated, and all are perfect in many ways.


In the PC game, players need to control their vehicles and try to let the giant ball fall on the opponent's goal. In Sideswipe, it will adopt the same method, and the game will support a flexible and interactive driver, allowing players to move freely and coordinate with teammates more easily. The main impression is the lock-on feature, which helps the player always grasp the ball's position. Still, the control mechanism automatically adapts, making it easy for players to control the vehicle parallel with tracking the ball. There will also appear many nitro charging points on the football field, and when collecting enough nitro, the player can speed up and make many impressive moves. Rocket League Sideswipe


Rocket League is so popular thanks to its vivid and true physics, making the player's environment and activities more flexible than ever. Furthermore, the physical factor influences the hitbox, impact angle, elevation, and more, making the player's vehicle and the ball stay realistic on every collision. The physical system will influence the player's control mechanics and give them many special abilities or endless creativity to score with the most outstanding and special moves. Not only that, but the feeling of control will become smoother and more steady thanks to the device's vibration mode.


If a player wants to score goals or have the greatest fun, they will need a vehicle, and all vehicles in this game have balanced stats. Their difference is their appearance and their visual effects, making a match more vivid and vibrant. Furthermore, the game will introduce players to a versatile vehicle customization system to edit existing vehicles or create an entirely new one. The vehicle's design mechanism is unique and in-depth, and players can choose the right sound for each effect to enjoy. Players can freely design the cars they love the most in this game and use them in their careers' toughest games. Rocket League Sideswipe


Rocket League Sideswipe's creativity is almost endless and always gives players interesting content to enjoy with friends. The game's map and game modes always come during special events or every week and simultaneously stimulate the player's skills to a new level when participating in matches. On the occasion of major in-game events, more content will be introduced, including exclusive car skins and new maps introduced in each game mode.


If players want to improve their skills and coordination with their teammates, then they can participate in ranked matches, where pros appear. The tournament mode will have more rules and restrictions than the regular model, and even the game will design maps either harder or easier for people to get more serious about. However, a game can only have up to 4 players, and the 2v2 mode has always been widely loved on the PC platform as it offers great rewards and promotion benefits. Rocket League Sideswipe Rocket League Sideswipe is a great game for racing and football enthusiasts, and its gameplay has many specialties, made perfect from its physics and graphics system. When participating in this game, players will discover the most impressive mobile gaming elements and have the most fun and impressive moments with friends.

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Download APK (1081.73MB)
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es muy bueno descargenlo

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por favor me ajudaaaaa eu faco o dowload vompleto mas na hora de instalar fala que nao pode por instalar motivo desconhecido

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jogo tão bom que meu celular nem abaixo triste a vida de pobre

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khai gut but wr need mod

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esta chevere crak

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la verdad no funciona

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eu queria jogar mais o meu celular não aparece ia

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The goal of the immensely popular multiplayer soccer racing game Rocket League Sideswipe is to score a lot of goals as you can by using your jet-powered vehicles to race, leap, and even fly around the map. The game offers three arenas, adjustable offline game modes against bots, and competitive basketball 1v1, 2v2, and 2v2 real-time multiplayer matches. We advance through a free battle pass between matches to earn additional items. The controls are simple to learn how to handle. However, mastering them requires numerous hours of practise, which is one of the things that makes the game a fantastic competitive experience. The graphics are nice, and our vehicle has many high artistic upgrades. Additionally, matches load incredibly fast, and using the settings is responsive and fast.

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tá jogando Rocket League ainda ainda do nada ele travou tá com vírus

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is so good omg is godddd

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El juego en sí está muy bueno