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Commander Battle
App Name Commander Battle
Genre Strategy
Size 357.44MB
Latest Version 1.0.12
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It is undeniable that the feeling of fighting is the most stimulating thing in the world. When you pick up your gun and shoot the first bullet, you will feel Andrenalin rising in your blood. Brainstorming must be carefully prepared for accurate shooting and manipulation of the limbs, eye coordination with each other in a smooth manner. The enemy falls under your shot is a success, is an indescribable kind of passion. Until you become a powerful general, controlling thousands of soldiers and military equipment, fighting, war becomes a kind of passion However, everyone knows how destructive the war is to humanity, so the hero always wants to end it as quickly as possible. Commander Battle depicts a fierce war as possible, satisfying the military's love of all. Even older people - who have spent years fighting or young people who are learning about war stuff can enjoy this game completely.


In an unending battle, a wise leader is needed to put an end to it. You will be the chosen person to guide your army to victory and capture the enemy to submit. The game will be divided into two opposing factions facing each other on either side of the screen, the left side. During the game, you will be allowed to summon your forces to battle as Willis Squad, Apache, T30 tanks ... And especially the enemy is also controlled by another player. Online. Thus, the battle will become much more interesting and unpredictable. But the system will still find the enemy that matches you so the battle does not become too disparaging. Sometimes it is difficult to confront with opponents so strong that they cannot resist or weak opponents so that they do not have to try and win. Military systems are also very diverse with tanks, planes, squads so you can collect. These types of weapons can increase your military strength dramatically after each battle. Also, showing them off with friends is an exciting and proud one. But the player must notice that not all tanks with great power or bombs are suitable for every match. Because there are counter-counter devices that make the selection of troops for warfare a must-understand. In addition to the PvP mode, there are other interesting modes. Campaign mode with different theme stages so that you can learn more deeply about the different wars. Besides, there are other interesting modes for you to challenge as well as the rating mode. This makes you uninterested in playing over and over again a regime. Moreover, these modes are always updated with new and interesting features, according to the trend, not obsolete.


Thanks to modern design technology, the game re-creates an extremely detailed and bloody battlefield. This, in turn, contributes to the beauty of deadly weapons exploding in the air. True sound, fervent fighting is the strong point that makes the game become a global favourite. If you want to still be able to refer to many games of Mobirix new style of defence game is widely advocated.

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Download APK (357.44MB)
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