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Empire Warriors TD Premium
App Name Empire Warriors TD Premium
Genre Strategy
Size 92.22MB
Latest Version 2.4.37
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Are you a fan of the genre of TD or RTS strategy game? If so, the game Empire Warriors TD Premium will be something you should not ignore. The game is a perfect combination of two play styles of role-playing and strategy games. The game has a dreamlike setting in a virtual continent with many races living, humans, monsters, goblins, people, or creatures that no one knows or legendary creatures. Each new land will be an exciting adventure for you. Build castles, protect them from the war of other creatures, whether you can proclaim the king as champion or you will be defeated. Join us in this one-of-a-kind defense strategy game. Empire Warriors TD Premium (MOD, Unlimited All)


Empire Warriors TD Premium is a game produced by the developer ZITGA. This is a game publisher specializing in strategy games production, especially for everyone; anyone can play. This game is one of the best-rated products by the developer. In this premium version, players will receive 1500 gems, 300 crystals, 4 4 star quality seals, and 50 premium coins. The game features various terrains such as plains, jungles where goblins live, dwarves hide under the mountains and create a kingdom, swamps, ice mountains, and countless other dangerous terrains. It is making the game more attractive and attractive. Build your empire with the weapons and magic you currently have. Use your wisdom in tactics to withstand each enemy's stormy attack with your towers. The game has a simple way of playing; the game's difficulty will increase in each round. So be wise and calm to win this game. Empire Warriors TD Premium (MOD, Unlimited All)


The game is set in a fantasy world called Loria, this magical land has many living creatures, including humans, and these creatures are all unusual. The creatures are of various races, such as dwarves, demons, monsters, and other mythical creatures. One day, the kingdom of Endia was suddenly attacked by its ally, the Grando empire. What surprised everyone was that Grando was under the command of the dark lord Orcs. The war between these two close countries broke out, and the situation was dangerous. Prince Jave, the son of the king of Endia, leads the royal army to join the battle to protect his beloved country. With the lord of darkness's support, Grando Empire has an extreme and aggressive fighting power. Empire Warriors TD Premium (MOD, Unlimited All) At that time, as if suddenly remembering the prophecies of the guardians of Endia, Prince Jave and the heroic alliance needed the help of a legendary tactician. That person is no stranger yourself; help Prince Jave protect the kingdom. You will participate in making the ants so that you can fight the army of powerful enemies. Build fortified towers, lead the royal army training, find and acquire superheroes. Prove your tactical talent and leadership in this Empire Warriors TD Premium game.


During a chaotic war with the help of a powerful dark lord, you have the courage to stay sane enough to build outstanding strategies to win. I believe you can do it, albeit in a fantasy world and mysterious creatures. Start the battle with clever tactics and strengthen alliances in each mission. Each mission will have four towers, especially to remove the Thunderbolt - in this tower, you will train warriors to become very strong to block the attack direction and slash the opponent. The second is to remove the tower archer generated by physical damage, and it is used to reinforce the neighboring towers. Empire Warriors TD Premium (MOD, Unlimited All) The third is the magic tower controlled by the best witch of Endia, and it does great damage to the enemy and summons dragons. It finally towers Golem- indispensable and a secret weapon of Endia, available towers thousand tons heavy stones and thrown toward the enemy any time upon order. Damage to the tower caused highly bustling. As for the heroes in the game Empire Warriors TD Premium, you will control three generals simultaneously. Each hero will have his own strengths and skills. Upgrade your heroes to have more strength and high skills to protect the beautiful kingdom of Endia with you. Empire Warriors TD Premium (MOD, Unlimited All)


Empire Warriors TD Premium is a defensive and tactical gamer you should not miss. The graphics of the game are beautiful, with sharp and vivid HD images. Combined with that is the vibrant, boiling music that encourages the players' will to fight. The game has straightforward gameplay and easy controls for anyone. Besides, there is much enjoyable gameplay in the game, and the problematic challenges make this game even more enjoyable. If you want to play with friends or others, the game has online leaderboards for you to compete with people around the world. In general, this is a highly entertaining and exciting game. Download the game right away to your phone to have peak entertainment moments.

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