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Global War Simulation PREMIUM
App Name Global War Simulation PREMIUM
Genre Strategy
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Global War Simulation PREMIUM is a viral war simulation game on the market today. In this game, players will experience a violent war scene. Where you need to lead a vast nation, train and guide your army to win glory in every war in the world. If you are looking for war games with a unique strategy genre, this is the best choice. Global War Simulation PREMIUM – Strategy War Game


Simulation-style Global War is set in a world full of chaos amid colonial struggles. The game simulates all the essentials of the events and milestones of historical wars, with more than 100 countries from many different continents for you to choose from. Players are allowed to participate in special military courses that contain the leading armed organizations of each country. In addition, the game also offers more than ten different military units, including armored tanks, fighters, warships, and many weapons with great destructive power. In addition, players also receive strategic support through 55 research based on many different countries to increase economic and military power. And many other supporting factors are waiting for you. Global War Simulation PREMIUM – Strategy War Game


Unlike other simulation games with easy gameplay, Global War shows its grandeur when it requires players to have a solid knowledge of various war strategies. The only goal that the player needs to accomplish is to take advantage of each element and develop an intelligent approach to conquer every country worldwide. To do this, you must strictly manage every sector in the land of your choice. Next is deploying spies to intelligence all information about the situation in the country you are about to fight. Start the outbreak of the war by conducting an offensive by arming large-scale weapons on three main roads, including air, land, and sea. In addition, you can also perform commercial transactions and many other beneficial activities. Global War Simulation PREMIUM – Strategy War Game


Coming to Global War, in addition to trying out a leadership role in how the war cries, players also have the opportunity to become true entrepreneurs through investment strategies in many fields. Players can build factories to create goods and develop the economy. Or earn extra income through commercial transactions between many countries around the world. And invest in many other essential areas such as national defense, education, tourism, and more.


The game possesses complete combat support equipment, but it also contains the system of political organizations of a real country. With the appearance of councils at all levels, electoral organizations, consulates between many countries. Not only that, but the game also provides border security, personal privacy, taxes, and bank credit, many other factors that players will discover when performing missions service. Global War Simulation PREMIUM – Strategy War Game Global War can be seen as one of the most epic war simulation games on the market today. The game contains all the details required of a war game. In addition, the perfect combination of images and sound effects also gives players a great experience.

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