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King God Castle will definitely give you new experiences when it takes you to battle with monsters and completes the mission by defeating them.
KingGodCastle owns completely impressive gameplay where you will participate in battles with monsters and try to win. You will use the power of the character and try to complete the level by defeating your enemies. At the same time, over time, you will spend time experiencing the challenges this game brings and the mechanics that you can get used to quickly in this game.
KingGodCastle KingGodCastle


KingGodCastle owns a world where you can see heroes with many characteristics and impressive strengths. Surely you will be able to see the power they can possess to fight their enemies. However, like other games, there will always be a counterweight to the heroes, and those are the monsters with different classes that you will need to face in this game. Players will observe the game from a third-person perspective and can see what happens in battle. The field is divided into equal squares so you can place your hero to join the battle. At the same time, on the opposite side, there will be monsters appearing and the player will have to fight them to progress in the game. But over time, their strength and number is also an issue that players will need to consider.


KingGodCastle owns an enjoyable way to play that any player will love. Specifically, the gameplay of this game is adapted from the popular Autochess game where you will own a group of characters, and they will participate in different matches to win the enemy. The game mechanics are generally similar, but there are still some new elements that players will need to pay attention to because it helps them gain a chance to win the game.
KingGodCastle KingGodCastle
In this game, you will have yourself a group of characters that you can match in Barracks, and you will choose six character classes with different skills to participate in the battle. At the start of the match, you will prepare your squad by placing the characters you receive through summon on the field. After a few minutes of preparation, the hero and monster will encounter each other throughout the game and overcome various challenges. One mechanism that you will need to pay attention to when playing this game is having yourself a certain amount of money. This amount will be added depending on when you will kill many enemies on the field, and you will use it to spend on two main factors. Specifically, you will use this money to summon different characters to fight on the field, and sometimes, you also need to open the number of characters that can be deployed.


One feature that players will need to pay attention to is that the character's tier determines the strength of each character. So, in this game, you will try to raise your character's tier as quickly as possible because there will be many powerful things waiting for you to conquer ahead. At the same time, tiering is very simple when you have two identical heroes on the field, and you will drag one hero to the others' position to perform the upgrade process. One of the exciting elements that this game brings to players is the level of randomness and luck with which you can achieve heroes. After you perform the summon process, you will only use a certain number of heroes, and the rest of the heroes you will put in the queue. So depending on what you get, you will need to use them appropriately according to their characteristics. Besides upgrading the tier, you will care about the weapons that the character can own. There will be many ways that you will be able to acquire new weapons in this game, such as going to the gift area or buying from the merchants that appear. At the same time, each way to achieve has its conditions, and when acquiring weapons, equip them for the character you feel is necessary for the game stage.


KingGodCastle owns a system of challenges that you will need to overcome at the same time. Specifically, when you defeat the monsters of the levels, you will receive rewards and have time to prepare for your squad. These actions are repeated over and over until the final challenge. On some levels, players will receive exciting rewards and sometimes will have to face dangerous bosses.

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