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Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire
App Name Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire
Genre Strategy
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If you have a strong passion for medieval strategy games, then Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire APK is a game you should play once.

Introduce about Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire

Fight and build your empire!

Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire is a real-time strategy game from Long Tech Network. In the game, you will gather resources, build, and develop the wasteland into a mighty empire.

Inspired by Game of Thrones but everything will be much deeper

My first impression when playing is that the graphics and images in the game are similar to Game of Thrones, even the name Ice and Fire is also inspired by the Fire and Ice war of the series. Detailed instructions like what to build, what materials to choose, and where to start are provided by the speech from iconic characters from this blockbuster movie/novel like Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen…

Everything in the game takes place in real-time, with day, night, light, darkness, heat, cold, snowfall, rainstorms. Through each season, many different events and challenges, you have to persevere with building an empire, defeating enemies, expanding the boundaries of your mighty territory.

In the beginning, you just start as a leader where a small town is ravaged by invasions from powerful Eastern courts and the villain behind every conspiracy, the Death Harbingers. He is the one who can control the ancient dragon’s power. With great energy and vision, you have in turn gathered resources, searched for “regions”, trained troops, recruited heroes, tamed dragons, and found allies, fighting, in parallel with building and maintaining the empire more and more powerful.

All of that works can be overwhelming if it happens at the same time. But you are the decision-maker. You can order what to do first, what to collect, to allocate forces to each task, even later you will have to consider whether to shake hands with enemies to bring good benefits for your empire. This is the time when the strategy in the game becomes clearer and sharper than ever.

The difference comes from the mixing of many forms and the infinite Freedom

Unlike other construction strategy games, Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire emphasizes tactics with intense, fiery battles and powerful combat forces from all sides. The troops in Rising of Empires: Ice and Fire are a very interesting highlight. You have Infantry, Cavalry, and Archers. Entering each war, you have to work non-stop to assign and arrange for your generals a suitable role. Besides, you also need to track the map of the war, the situation with the view from above to get the victory with little loss of force, in the fastest time.

A tip for you when working with legendary heroes in the game is each has its strengths. Some are good at ranged combat, some are good at close combat. Besides recruiting, training, and bringing them into the ranks, taking full advantage of their abilities can help you to win a glorious victory.

Acquiring and training dragons is also one of the most interesting things in the game. Each dragon has a different scream, different abilities and attack powers. Learning and taming them with the help of Daenerys Targaryen will give you the sacred ancient power, which will be a huge source of energy for the battles.

Another difference of Rising of Empires: Ice and Fire are Freedom. You can build bases, castles, villages, cities, fortresses… like the way you want. Later, even upgrading infrastructure, materials, researching technology, training troops, and recruiting heroes is 100% at your discretion. You are a supreme leader of the future empire. The lines in the game only give instructions and advice, and the decision is up to you. The space is also completely open for you to freely build and expand your empire.

Graphics and sounds

Bringing the color of Game of Thrones is obvious from the beginning, but going deep inside, you will no longer think about this much, but only think in your head how to win the enemy and build the strongest empire possible. You will realize that the map, world, cities, and army of heroes in the game are designed to be extremely realistic, always giving you the most detailed viewing effect.

The sound is quiet, the background music is not rhythmic, giving you real space to focus on everything around you. But when it comes to the battle scenes, the fast-paced music accompanied by a series of sound effects will make the battle more fierce, intense, and more passionate. Then when the battle is over, you continue to build and develop quite smoothly. Changing and rotating between sound rhythms has brought a special and unique appeal to the game.

Download Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire APK for Android

Real-time strategy game mixing with many forms, both building, defending, fighting and leading, recruiting, attacking, completely at players’ discretion. Rise of Empires is very beautiful with detailed graphics, bright, depth, and catchy sound. If you love medieval strategy games, let’s download this game and play right away.

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