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The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores
App Name The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores
Genre Strategy
Size 174.40MB
Latest Version 183.2.8
MOD Info Menu/One hit kill/God mode
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Rating 3.9/5 (16 votes)
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The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores (MOD, Full Version) is a game that recreates the survival scene, and each player will also need to have their own separate plan.
Games with similar features are now quite popular and chosen by players quite carefully. Human survival simulation game always occupies an essential position in the hearts of all players. The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores Full Version is quite popular and highly appreciated by the players in the current survival games. The game is a top choice for players who want to experience it. It is the player's favor that has partly helped the game be widely popular today. The support of many languages ​​and the great game features have made the game popular in many countries. Players who directly experience the game always have accurate and practical reviews. Download the game and experience to feel the superiority and sophistication of the game. the-bonfire-2-uncharted-shores-mod-full-version


The Bonfire 2 is a pretty good game about survival experience. We will directly experience the feeling of survival and will create our own survival plans. Players will design their own city, depending on the ideas they have created and put into the game. The game helps you unleash your own creativity for a different city of your own. Building a city is the first step in the game, and then comes the management of the resources you create. Direct management awakens your managerial abilities. The workers in the city are also managed according to the player's discretion. Each worker in the game will have different personalities. Personality is set based on the game's pre-built features. This is fun to experience, giving players a real feeling and being alive in the game. Explore the world map to find cities and trade freely like a country of your own. The player needs to be careful in positioning the buildings to manage resources and access the game's gameplay. the-bonfire-2-uncharted-shores-mod-full-version


The game is a new experience for players. Designing a private city and devising strategies to protect it is a real challenge and a good experience for players. The gameplay is simple but requires combat skills and requires specific plans from the player. Players must plan and try to protect the resources of their city. The game items are similar to playing farm games, but the structure is better and more sophisticated. Fighting monsters and fighting enemies is inevitable. So require players to focus and play games and have clear battles to defend the city and win the matches. The game's requirements train the player in ways of thinking about the proper management of game items. The Bonfire 2 gives players the feeling of the experience, battle, and the different skills when experiencing the game. the-bonfire-2-uncharted-shores-mod-full-version-1


The Bonfire 2 features are highly rated in player ratings. The game allows you to build, craft, and collect resources in one day. Players are free to design layouts in their city, unleash their passion. The buildings' position is also important and plays an essential role in protecting the player's settlement's resources and outcomes. In the game, the night is the most vigilant and intense time of the day. the-bonfire-2-uncharted-shores-mod-full-version-1 Players must fight monsters and enemies that appear at night. A randomly generated world map and helps players explore exciting places. Players can socialize with other cities and exchange loot. Each villager is a unique original, with strength, agility, and intelligence of fruit. Personalization of skills is a new thing because no game with the same features has surpassed. Players can level up and craft city dwellers. Players also have the ability to craft weapons, armor for themselves and equip their cities. the-bonfire-2-uncharted-shores-mod-full-version-1-1


Collecting wood problems have been sub-engraved at the request of the player. Fix the rare problems encountered by the game during the experience. The thief can not currently steal the stone, this is a hole in the game, but it has been fixed in time. Small bugs are fixed, reinforcing the parts that have been and are being experienced by players. The game's reviews are always concerned by genuine, professional gamers who will have the right view. Each girl gives careful thought to the player, who admires The Bonfire 2.

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0 hr

it work..the only issues is ADS....sometime the ads cant be not ready...

Ponlork YT🎮
44 hr


Mohd Fariz
61 hr

when release on android?

Hello My Hobby
17 hr

The game is very interesting, you will be the one who manages a civilization, where you can start from a few people and the population will increase over time, there is a change of youth too, and at night you have to put people on guard, because it will be attacked at night. From wolves to giant spiders, so far the game is highly recommended for those of you who like to build civilizations, and this game is paid of course but it's really worth it!

91 hr


Bún Riêu Cua
109 hr

Game hay, đồ hoạ đẹp nhưng không free nha. Full game 10 DAYS in-game, remember that and after that you have to purchase to continue playing.

Ken Aresthus
108 hr

hey i found this diamond! waiting release...