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War Troops 1917
App Name War Troops 1917
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Another World War I inspired game for Android. The game named War Troops 1917 MOD APK. Who said that the resources are exhausted, but I see that every couple of months there is a new game with the theme of world war. Playing this game is so much fun, not too complex like other strategy games.

Introduce about War Troops 1917

Trench Warfare WW1 Strategy Game

This world war game is so funny

War Troops 1917: Trench Warfare WW1 Strategy Game is a strategy game from Koco Games. It can be said that the battles in this game are also quite brutal, the battlefield is also bloody. But from the graphics to the way the characters move, it looks quite funny. So in short this is a funny game. Those who want to play world war games, don’t want to stress out can play this game, I think it’s pretty good.

With that said, we will return to the battlefields of World War I. Where weapons are still quite primitive, not so devastating as in World War II. But in return, thanks to that, the ingenuity and tactical range of the player are shown more.

Historical war in the trenches

First, you will have an army. Start with only a few people, the ability is also average. Then, after accumulating many victories, you can add more troops, weapons, equipment, and other means of combat such as bunkers, trenches, tanks…

This game is pretty fast-paced. Pixel-style graphics so you don’t have to try to look closely at each soldier’s face. Just know who is doing what task, what capabilities are okay. As a leader, you will command your group of soldiers to attack the enemy on the other side of the front line.

Each wave of victories in a stage, you will be raised to a new level, equivalent to unlocking new military units. The first military units are the types of soldiers: Shock Soldiers, Officers, Snipers, Artillery, Gunners… Each type of soldier will have its abilities and are suitable for different combat situations.

The next unit is about weapons and equipment: Flamethrowers, Gas Masks, Mark V Tanks, Combat Aircraft, and other military equipment.

Having a variety of modern soldiers and weapons is an advantage. But it’s still not certain to win. Your main task is to think to come up with a wonderful strategy of maneuvering: who is first, who is behind, who is the main attacker, who supports both sides, which group of soldiers is hiding under the barriers, which group of soldiers will sneak, break through the barricades to fight directly with the enemy. You should arrange to suit the skills of each group, and at the same time make the most of the means and equipment. Attacking with human power, defending, and trapping enemies with different tools. Close coordination, reasonable, will win.

On the other side, the enemy is equally strong. You have to understand that you have what they have, like in a real war, even more, and richer than his equipment. That’s it, it’s important to have a clever strategy for each battle. This is the last factor to turn the tide.

Both fighting and attacking, highly tactical, requiring many skills in players

Unlike other strategy games, usually only one is offensive, the other is defensive. In War Troops 1917: Trench Warfare WW1 Strategy Game, you’ll have both epic defense and powerful attack. These two things need to combine smoothly, alternately, and work together, not in an attack and then turn-based defense. That’s why the tempo is fast, always putting you in a restless position.

To deal with the increasingly powerful enemy, sometimes you have to combine not only defense, attack but also guerrilla (with sniper army). Arrange this group of soldiers somewhere on the battlefield, use it to destroy your team’s officers, quickly disperse the soldiers who are like snakes without their heads. It is also a method that I often use when meeting too many enemies.

Graphics and sounds are pleasant, bringing a lot of excitement

The image is pixelated but very smooth and not too rough, which is what makes me feel comfortable. Playing 3D games for a long time, to be honest, I can’t stand the pixelated, too squiggly mobile games.

In this game, this is just right. Move the characters in the game evenly, agile, and quite flexible. The angle of rotation is sometimes far, sometimes close depending on the battlefield situation, which is also a point for the game.

The sound is quite appealing. Although not too grandiose and massive, at least the sound of each weapon is very clear, the battlefield is never peaceful, making the player’s mind always move.

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