Last Day on Earth v1.18.10 MOD APK + OBB (Mega Menu)

App Name Last Day on Earth: Survival
Size 620M
Latest Version 1.18.10
MOD Info Mega Menu
Get it On Google Play
Update November 18, 2021 (7 days ago)
Download (620M)
  • Free crafting and building (you can craft things even if you don’t have enough components);
  • Infinite durability of tools and equipment;
  • You can split single items;
  • Paid skins unlocked;
  • After starting the game, click on the round button at the top left to open the mod menu, which has the following options:
  1. Dividing items increases their number;
  2. All crafting recipes are available regardless of the character level;
  3. Instant movement on foot across the global map (events do not appear without wasting energy);
  4. Open the rewards of a paid survivor’s diary + moving from a location to a global map gives an unknown box + moving from a global map to a location will spawn raiders;
  5. Immortality;
  6. High damage;
  7. Fast walk;
  8. Mobs stand still

The mod does not work in multiplayer locations! For entering them with burglary, the game can ban you!

The mod does not work on some devices! If it does not work for you (for example, there is an endless download, which cannot be fixed in any way) – do not use it.

  • Free crafting and construction (does not work in PvP zones, including Sector 7);
  • Free update
  • All recipes are open
  • Fast crafting on Workbench
  • Duplication of single items
  • When split resources, their number increases
  • Durability weapon
  • Instant travel on foot on the map
  • Unlocked all events on the global map
  • Unlimited food
  • Boost, x2 HP and other
  • If you are already playing the mod and want to continue where you left off, install the new version mod apk file without deleting the old mod version.
  • Also, to back up your progress just in case, copy the “zombie.survival.craft.z” folder in your Android/data and paste it to a different location on your device.
  • To log in and synchronize with your Facebook, Google account, you need to root and use Lucky Patcher

Horse Saddle
Kevlar Helmet
Kevlar Body Armor
Kevlar Trousers
Kevlar Boots
Metal Pipe
Assault Helmet
Assault Body Armor
Assault Trousers
Assault Boots
ATV Transmission
C-4 Explosive
Clan Banner
Explosive Material
Tactical Backpack
Hand Pump
Repair Station
Zombie Truck
Chemistry Station
S&W Magnum
Land Mine
Electronics Lab
The Dragunov
Metal Cutter

Last Day on Earth: Survival (MENU MOD) is a violent survival game with many attractive mechanics to survive or develop in an abandoned world.

The development of today’s survival games has successfully applied many unique and realistic mechanics to make gameplay more difficult and lifelike. Many games even apply many typical human survival tactics and successfully simulate the difficult, dangerous, and hopelessness of daily human life. This article will introduce LDOE: Survival, one of the first generations of top-down survival for the mobile platform. With over 50 million downloads, the game has been a huge hit and has always surprised players with its unexpected improvement. Furthermore, the game now includes co-op survival and is a perfect choice for players to explore a post-apocalyptic world with friends.



The survival game genre always puts players in difficult and challenging situations, thereby causing them to rebuild everything from scratch. The same goes for Last Day on Earth: Survival, and it applies the zombie apocalypse style to create a perfect atmosphere and environment. The game also introduces a flexible top-down perspective mechanism, allowing players to experience the game with a new style and freely interact with the environment. The game does not have any specific goals for the player. Still, it has many fascinating plot elements, which are always a strong motivation for players to develop and explore the world to search for new hope continuously.



Solo survival becomes quickly frustrating for many players, so the game will introduce online survival, where players accompany friends through countless circumstances. Furthermore, everyone can share the base and delight in designing their land in a distinctive style. The game’s creativity will be doubled thanks to the online mode and continuously creates countless opportunities for people to explore the vast world together. Through the online mechanism, people can support each other, collect resources, trade, and have the most fierce battles, but not against zombies only. Coming to this game, you should bring a friend and share the fun that few games can offer.



In a ruined world, resources, food, and a solid base are vital to surviving the next day. The game will introduce a flexible base building system where players build structures out of wood and gradually upgrade them with better materials in the future. Along with that are the facilities for the player to properly dispose of resources and minerals and use them for crafting or improving the defense of the base. Moreover, the building system also allows many players to link the base together, thereby demonstrating their creativity in creating a friendly and entertaining small community.



After a disaster, the resources and equipment disappear, so the player must craft everything from the available resources. The game will introduce a rich crafting system through which the player can make weapons, equipment, architecture, and utilities to expand search on the map. As players destroy or exploit resources, they both gain experience points, gradually expand their crafting systems, and gain access to better equipment or items.



Last Day on Earth: Survival is developed in an open-ended style, and the entire world is divided into different areas for players to explore. Each place is also a rich source of valuable resources, and players will have to venture to the outworld to gather everything they need constantly. Besides resource areas, there will be danger zones and other players’ bases, allowing players to entertain with friends with dozen of bustling activities. When players complete the map’s required conditions, they will unlock new areas, giving access to higher rarity resources.



The Bunker is the famous place in the game, where players go there with only two goals, survival or reaping rare resources. All the remaining technology of humanity is stored but is destroyed by the Zombie from within, and even special variations appear. As the player goes deeper, the monsters will become stronger, but many rare items and resources are scattered with high density. Moreover, by constantly raiding bunkers after each refresh, players and friends have reasons to go deeper as they always return with more advanced equipment. The game will pack all the most engaging elements for the Bunker and even include environmental puzzles and intense boss fights.


Last Day on Earth: Survival is a great survival game and the first generation in the entire top-down survival genre. Players will have the opportunity to experience this great game with friends and side by side in the most critical situations to enjoy all the survival-genre essences.

Download Last Day on Earth: Survival (MOD, Mega Menu)

Download (620M)

You are now ready to download Last Day on Earth: Survival for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read MOD Info carefully to avoid mods not working
  • To see CPU or GPU your device uses, check with the CPU-Z app
3.7/5 (520 votes)

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Hi, when I used recycler, it doesnt matter if I put splitted item or legit item which I found in the woods, game crashed every time and then I cant enter the location anymore, like Im banned. I checked it couple times and always the same happened. Please fix it if you can, because I cant get cevlar. Thanks ;)
Reply -
Bonjour, pouvez vous nois mettre le mod V1 avec la mise a joirs de last day on earth car actuellement je retrouve pas l usine infecté ni echo one. Merci de prendre en consideration les mise a jours Aussi, j arrive plus a jouer ni avec mod V1 ni mod V2, l application demande une mise a jours
Reply -
Yo solo quiero saber si cuando actualizan el juego y lo actualizan al mod se pierde mi progreso, ya que no se que pasa pero no me deja guardar mi progreso con ningún correosolo quiero saber si hay alguna forma de hacer que no se pierda mi progreso
Reply -
I played once and back to homepage the app can't start to loading and always get back to home
Reply -
I played once and back to homepage the app can't start to loading and always get back to home.
Reply -
the game won't load the 2nd time i open the apps. after numerous tests, the simplest test that i did was, load in new game, select a server, changed my name, and i get into my base and loot the first crate. i didn't even enable any mod in mod menu and close the game. when relaunching, my game won't load anymore. anyone encountering the same prob?
Reply -
Long loading time during first start
Reply -
Thanks a lot Lakshya for the info. Additional info- 1. Do backup ur "Android/data/zombie.." folder regularly to prevent any loss of data due to restricted builds. 2. Or use Lakshya info 3. Modv2 includes workbench update but Modv1 is having God mode and high damage. You can switch between the two Installer mods without any issue. (Just keep a backup anytime u do so)
Reply -
Work wonder, great !
Reply -
Lakshay Sharma
Aync with google without root: 1-backup your data game folder from 'android/data' 2-uninstall the mod game 3-install original game 4-open the game/make a character/connect google acc/exit game 5-copy backup folder back to 'android/data' 6-open the game again and make sure is connected to google acc/build something/exit the city 7-now you need to save data folder from 'android/data' again, uninstall the game/install mod game back/put 'data' folder back to 'android/data' 8-now google is connected, even in setting its says its not connected.
Reply -
Can you have the mod unlock all the areas. For some reason my easter watchtower is glitched and won't show the police station even though the tower has a generator running.
Reply -

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