Rival Stars Horse Racing v1.25.1 MOD APK + OBB (Weak Opponents)

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MOD Info Weak Opponents
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Update September 17, 2021 (1 week ago)
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The horse is an exalted and majestic creature that has been honored in every age, even though it is used for countless activities or development of the world. Therefore, this article will introduce a game of raising horses and let players participate in races with them. Rival Stars Horse Racing is a great choice for everyone to enjoy admiring the fascinating beauties of countless different horse species. Moreover, the game also uses a superior 3D graphics engine, thereby building everything so vividly and eye-catching for players to have the best experience.


When players come to Rival Stars Horse Racing, the first job of players is to raise the horses with the most potential to become future champions. The game’s farming system is developed with depth and detail, simulating everything perfectly for players to explore. While raising the horses, the player can build many more interesting things to train the horses, including a large farm to run around freely. In addition, players will need to complete a series of activities necessary for each horse, thereby improving performance and helping them develop completely for future races.


Rival Stars Horse Racing’s graphics use advanced technology to optimize everything while giving players a perfect blend of reality and fiction, creating a new experience in the game. Above all, everything is perfectly sketched in every detail, whether the horse, the environment, the character, and more, create a distinct beauty and become more immersed in the gameplay. Besides the ability to build visuals, the visual effects on each frame will always surprise players; even many moments can become impressive for players to save. The game also has many mysteries in its graphics, and all of that will be revealed as the player explores the game long enough.


In raising horses, the player will go through the breeding function, where they create new breeds of horses with superior genes and breeds. Breeding results always carry the characteristic of the parents, so players will have the opportunity to create the most powerful and agile variant horses when continuously mating. Moreover, players can socialize with friends to breed with their horses, and the game will unlock more exciting content for players to create the most impressive horses. It will also come with an encyclopedia for players to study the abilities of each horse, including their stats, history, and other interesting information.


Horse racing is always an exciting activity worldwide, and Rival Stars Horse Racing will simulate it perfectly for players to experience it firsthand through a special perspective. Moreover, rider and horse combination needs to have perfect homogeneity, thereby coordinating to create decisive actions and victory. The game will introduce a variety of game modes for players to explore, and each of them has impressive features to entertain everyone. Above all, players can participate in races with other players via online mode, thereby delighting in winning overwhelming victories with their horse control skills.


The player’s horse farm can be enhanced and upgraded with many new functions to improve the performance of each horse. The upgrade system will be continuously expanded and give players impressive options and at the same time allow them to expand the ability to manage horses. In the future, many small activities can be built directly in the barn, thereby providing players with endless entertainment when interacting with the lovely ponies. Players can also raise more horses when the farm is upgraded, even access special training camps to train the horses. After having a complete farm, players can start dreaming of creating strong horses and continuously participate in exciting races with them.


If the player wants to receive more attractive rewards for the farm or the horses, the game will introduce online activities to enjoy themselves with loads of content. Moreover, it is an opportunity for players to reach out to many other players, even exchange information or visit farms to admire the beauty of each. On top of that, the rewards for each event and online activities are generous. Therefore, they continuously attract the attention of many players to create a vibrant and entertaining environment for all riders.

Rival Stars Horse Racing is considered a famous horse racing simulation game, where players build farms, raise and training horses, and finally participate in the most exciting races. Moreover, the game will continuously create exciting content and events, thereby bringing together people who share the same passion for horse racing worldwide.

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